Sindh PPP government has decided to promulgate LG Ordinance 2012 reviving General Musharraf’s Local Government’s System, with some minor amendments and abolishing prevailing Commissioner System that was already prevailing and endorsed by the Sindh Assembly and was very popular in Sindh.This is highly objectionable move on the part of PPP government and is against the spirit of democracy. The people of Sindh would like to see the Commissioner System continue and flourish, but PPP government has now imposed the old system unilaterally to please an ethnic group of Karachi. In the past also, PPP had introduced two controversial different LG Systems in Sindh that were overwhelmingly opposed by the people of Sindh.The people of Sindh did not vote PPP in overwhelming majority in 2008’s general elections to add to their injuries by bowing to an ethnic group of Karachi again and again. As per media, those PPP members who were opposing the new Ordinance were harassed in the name of so-called policy of reconciliation by not less than the President himself.I may remind Mr Zardari that general elections are a few months away and PPP  government should not victimise Sindhis to please an ethnic group of Karachi as such decisions are bound to harm PPP’s traditionally popularity in Sindh.MOHAMMADKHAN SIAL, Karachi, September 5.