The 6th September of every year makes me ponder what is more important; food or security; health or defence; prosperity or safety; certainly a difficult thing to be concluded. Today, one finds a hurricane of allegations, accusations ultimately forming the shape of suggestions that Pakistan needs not spend a huge amount on its army and the relevant security set-up. Various so-called western thinkers are doing all their best to create an atmosphere of disbelief and mistrust against the security agencies of Pakistan by painting a picture which depicts these agencies as an unbearable burden on the already stooping financial structure of Pakistan. More painful is the fact that some of our own people are playing in the hands of these enemies of Pakistan just for their temporary, trivial gains and benefits. It is a daylight fact that without a strong and immaculate defence system it is quite unimaginable to survive in this world where ‘survival is the fate of only the fittest’. If we want to crush terrorism, if we want to up-root extremis we cannot do it without a well-equipped, well-trained and well-supported army. We have ample examples of countries like US, Israel, UK, India and so many others who are doing all their best to strengthen their armies. If we were not a well-trained and well equipped army in 1965, the situation could have been very much different today. It is certainly the magnificent performance of the intelligence agencies and the armed forces of Pakistan that today in spite of having a strong desire and all possible resources to crush us the world around us does not have the courage to do so. The challenging threats to our existence and survival are increasing day by day, every moment and we have still a lot of things to do to make our defence stronger. But the most important thing in this context is the trust and confidence of the whole nation which our security forces need the most.PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER, Multan, September 5.