The past four decades neglect to build a hydro-electric dam have resulted in 12-hours loadshedding in cities and 16 hours in rural areas. This is a result of dismal failure of successive governments since 1975 when Tarbela was completed when two military dictatorship and five terms of democratic setup alternated by PPP and PML-N failed to plan and build a hydro-electric dam. This has plunged the country in darkness with little regard by the authorities. All the successive governments share the blame and responsibility for not building Kalabagh dam. Now when Bhasha dam funding seems to be a far cry and Bunji dam is found to be located on an active fault line, the hope of relief from water and power woes has receded in the distant future. It is time the Apex Court takes a notice of the serious situation that could land Pakistan in a terrible state with closure of industries and massive unemployment leading to law and order situation of anarchy and looting that would tear the fabric of our society. The faulting government ought to be taken to task to save Pakistan.DR.MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, September 4.