KARACHI - Acting Speaker of Sindh Assembly Shehla Raza has summoned the Sindh Assembly session on September 9th.

The session is called on the requisition submitted by the MQM to discuss the law and order situation in the City.

With signatures of 48 MPAs, the MQM had submitted the requisition four days ago urging the Speaker to the call the Assembly session to discuss the deteriorating law and order in the City.

Through Sindh Assembly session, the MQM wanted to press its demand for Pak Army’s deployment and action against the criminals and miscreants in the City, however, almost all the political parties including ruling parties in Centre and Sindh-PPP and PML-N rejected the demand.

The MQM lawmakers already submitted the privilege motions against the alleged list of the government, in which the names of the MQM’s lawmakers and leaders were included, who were supposed to be arrested on charges of crime.

It is expected that MQM lawmakers will stage protest in the Sindh Assembly session over the law and order situation in the City as well as alleged list of their lawmakers for arrest.

If the MQM lawmakers stage protest, the Acting Speaker would adjourn or prorogue the session with excuse that lawmakers who request the session are not taking part in proceedings. 

Meanwhile, the Sindh government and other Opposition parties including PML-N and PML-F will support the decision of the Federal Cabinet for action against the criminals under Rangers.

During the discussion on law and order in City, the role of the Rangers would likely to come under criticism.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PML-F), a ruling ally of the PML-N government in Centre, has demanded of the Federal government to recruit Army personnel having domicile of Sindh province in the special security force for Karachi.

In a statement issued here on Friday, PML-F’s Sindh General Secretary Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh said that his party supports the Federal government’s decision of launching the targeted action against criminals under the leadership of the Rangers.

He also welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement to set up special security force, demanding the retired Army personnel having domicile of the Sindh province should be recruited in the special force.

PML-F leader said that the people having domicile of the other provinces would not be accepted in the special security force for Karachi.

He said that Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah failed as Chief Minister during his last tenure.

It may be noted that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his visit to Karachi had directed the authorities to establish a special force to tackle heinous crimes and terrorism in order to address the law and order problem in Karachi.

The new force would be a civilian entity with recruitment purely on merit, which would be trained on the pattern of Army. Such a force can be raised in six months to one year’s time.

Besides, Nawaz Sharif had also emphasised the need of enhancing the capacity of police at the provincial and Federal levels and also called for undertaking long term measures.

Following the consultation with stakeholders, the Federal Cabinet unveiled the plan of action against criminals.