In a bid to increase support for the potential intervention in Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry said that the war would not strain the pockets of Americans, because the Arab nations are willing to fund it. It would seem that it is no longer just the US that is obsessed with war, but other countries as well. The great Western pastime has found new found support in the Middle-East, apparently.

The Syrian conflict has helped forge alliances of convenience between countries that have been at odds in the past. Russia and China aside, Arab nations offering to go “the whole way” with the US, has disconcerting connotations for the future of the Middle-East. The sectarian issues dictating political decisions in the region, since as far back as can be remembered, have become a pain in the neck for other Muslim nations as well. In pressing for war in Syria, some Arab countries are seeking an end which serves them best. Another alarming notion is that the US and its allies are willing to ignore the fact that the rebels now consist mostly of members of extremist organizations, which have only recently played the part of the antagonists in the War on Terror.

Those in favour of intervention insist that the atrocious use of chemical weapons on civilians must be addressed, and their solution to stop the killing is to bomb Syria some more. Since responsibility of the chemical attacks has not yet been affixed on either Assad or the rebels, preparations for an attack seem overly hasty. The conclusions being drawn and their implications are causing widespread concern across the world. That the extraordinary political and legal acumen of the various world leaders has suggested a military intervention as the best solution, is disappointing in itself.

The UN awaits results of the investigation to assess who is to blame, but the US and its allies do not see the need to wait for the answers, claiming they have their own. Seeing as how they have not always been right about information such as this, they will forgive us if we do not immedtiatley subscribe to their ‘sound’ judgment.