In a country riddled with corruption and terrorism, for its judiciary to collapse, is like a person having a major heart attack, hard to survive!

A few days ago a stunning report about the justice system in the lower courts was published in a newspaper; according to the report, 914 cases of terrorism were registered from 2007 to 2012, in the anti-terrorism court, District Swat and only 6 culprits were punished!

Other Anti-terrorism courts in different districts also tell the same story. It is very unfortunate that our anti-terrorism courts are not working effectively as well as not showing any results. This is a clear indication that there are large holes in our prosecution system. Many of the witness step away because of the fear of terrorists. People don’t register cases out of fear of terrorists.

It is time to reform the security forces and their infrastructure. They must be equipped with latest technology and weapons. The government should also strengthen the courts and should provide security to the witness, have a witness protection program as well as provide benefits of free and fair justice system to the public at the earliest!


Lahore, August 29.