Anne Hathaway is TERRIFIED that her hair won’t grow back. The actress - who shaved off her luscious locks for her Oscar-winning role in Les Miserables - is allegedly taking fertility vitamins to give her crop-top a boost!

“Anne tried to grow her hair back before the Oscars, but it just didn’t happen,” a source said.

“She thought for sure her hair would be at least chin-length by now. But it isn’t, and she’s terrified she’ll be stuck with her boyish crop forever. “She has hot oil scalp massages every day and rubs egg whites into her hair twice a week.

“Anne’s also increased her protein intake, and she’s taking supplements including homeopathic fertility vitamins. “Anne just wants her hair to grow back, and she’s convinced the vitamins are giving her an extra edge.

“Of course, her friends are telling her to get hair extensions, but Anne hates the idea. Her hair is naturally thick and silky, and she doesn’t want to pay for a fake version when she has the real thing.”