Mel Gibson apparently flew off the handle at Malibu cops when pulled over and asked to produce his license at the weekend. The Australian actor has become synonymous with angry outbursts to those working in law enforcement and racist slurs.  The latest outburst happened on Saturday at around 1am when Mel failed to produce his driving license when prompted by police, reports TMZ.  “Why are you harassing me?” Mel is said to have demanded. In response the cops asked why he was screaming. There was no reason to suspect Mel was drinking a police source told TMZ. But that apparently didn’t stop his anger rising.  “I have had problems with you Lost Hills [Malibu] deputies in the past,” Mel apparently ranted.  The issue was quickly resolved and Mel drove off with a warning.  He was reportedly pulled over at a DUI checkpoint on the Pacific Coast Highway, which is the same road where he was famously charged for Driving Under the Influence in 2006.