Chicago - DM - From a Kung-Fu professional to a mini incredible hulk, these are the babies you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Fit enough to show you up in exercise class, these three tots show off their muscles and strength in this bizarre set of photographs.  The images are the work of American commercial photographer Eric Sahrmann, 36, from Chicago, who says he created the pictures to raise awareness of the importance of infant health.

He explained ‘Some of the positions were easy to capture, but others became quite a problem. ‘We knew that we would have to get a baby to open his mouth to look like he was screaming for the karate chop photo, but we could not get anything that looked good. ‘Then right when we were out of ideas and about to give up, one of the babies let out this huge yawn that I was able to quickly shoot. This ended up working perfectly for the karate baby.’The digitally enhanced final images are the result of merging approximately 15 different shots.

Setting up the scene with black glossy acrylic and black seamless paper for the background, Eric then composed the lighting in order to create a consistent look for each baby. ‘The project took a lot of people to pull off,’ added Eric, whose portfolio also includes digitally created mythical creatures and mermaids. ‘From the producer to the baby-wrangler - who would hold the babies into the positions that we would need - to the stylists, to the digital artist, to the parents that were willing to bring their tiny babies. ‘We had a casting for babies between the ages of three months and one and a half years old. ‘We ended up getting about 30 babies and parents come to the casting, so it was a loud and crazy day.’