While intellectuals are presenting their explanation as to why Peshawar NA-1 by-election was won by ANP's Bashir Ahmad Bilour, and PTI's Gul Bacha lost. The truth is that the actual winner of this constituency is PTI, which courageously faced four major political parties. These major political parties are: PML-N, PPP, JUI-F, and ANP. All these political parties have a strong, though not equal, power in this constituency. These political parties were determined to defeat PTI just for the sake of their existence as these political parties are the protectors of the status-quo.

Their own political interests forced them to stand in unity against PTI's candidate; Gul Bacha, who was comparatively a new entrant in the political scene of this constituency. A fight of a weak candidate against four major and strong persons makes PTI's Gul Bacha as the real winner of NA-1. The people of KP have not rejected PTI's NA-1 candidate for the so-called failure, PTI's failure in KP. What PTI has achieved in KP, could not be achieved by the former KP government in its complete five-year term.


Charsadda, August 24.