“The system has failed and so the system must be changed.” We hear slogan like these more often than not but we must be able to distinguish between the system and ‘the functioning of the system.’ If a system is not running properly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the system is entirely wrong. It may be that those running the system, namely the government, are not performing their job properly. If you put an untrained driver behind the steering wheel of a Rolls Royce, and if that driver crashes the car, who would be responsible? The car or the driver? It must be understood that it is not the system that is responsible for the current predicament, but the men running it.

Though our system is not flawless but if we properly implement the laws set down and follow the true spirit of Islam, we would be able to banish much of the corruption, which would enable us to have better lives. So, the real problem is not in the system, but with the corrupt officials. The issues arise because of a serious lack of political will and wisdom. They have to do with our rulers who distort the system in order to exploit it for their own petty gains at the expense of the masses. If an incumbent government fails to deliver, it is not always the fault of the system. While talking about the system, this fact must always be kept in mind. System, status quo, and government are different entities and we should not confuse and amalgamate them.


Lahore, August 23.