The ongoing protest in Islamabad has brought many tough challenges for many different classes of people. The worst hit are the journalist, the crew with them and law enforcing agencies. We must acknowledge the courage of the journalists who are present at the site where violence can erupt at any given moment. Their work should be appreciated as they are portraying true journalism. Journalism is the gathering, processing of information. The Police seem really tired and frustrated, it is really tough for them to hurt their countrymen with tear gas or rubber bullets, but they are forced to do so.

Truth be told, they aren’t trained to control a mob, and still they are doing their job. We must realize that they have been away from their families and must have started missing them. The current situation has frustrated everyone. I urge the leaders to wrap this up and finish this long sit-in and let everyone go home and resume a normal life. The last three weeks have clearly shown how incompetent our government is.


Karachi, September 2.