There was a time when one aspired to get a bank job. It was considered to be the most dignified and highly paid white collar job around. Hundreds and thousands of people enjoyed it up to its full maximum during and after serving with a bank. The job remained very charming until the banks were handed over to “Saiths”.

With the entry of “Saiths” in banking sector, the banks are growing. Profits have increased many folds but condition of employees is getting worse day by day. 70-80% of the employees don’t get their annual salary increments more than the inflation rate of the country. After paying high electricity/gas/telecom/transportation bills along with soaring school fees for their children, they remain short of funds to even meet small desires of their life partners. After all these expenses, they are supposed to maintain their executive level outlook by wearing two piece suits, knotted ties and dress shoes which almost becomes impossible on their monthly remunerations. Other than this, branch staff sophistically called “officers” (realistically they should be called “clerks”) are directed to occupy their seats before 9AM and supposed to serve, under the non-stop banking regime, till 5PM. This causes real problem with their health and social life.

Weak eyesight due to looking at LCDs all the day long, mounting cholesterol levels, heart diseases due to weight growth and blood pressure have made their life even bitter. The same is the case with field staff called “managers” (realistically they should be called “salesmen”). The race to achieve targets by hook or by crook depresses them mentally and as a result they are surrounded by sugar, blood pressure and other issues. One would laugh if they are told that what they will find at the end of their service – almost nothing! They would be thrown out of banks just like used tissues as evident by the compensation packages being paid to the employees who got retirement during the last 2-4 years.

Hundreds of ex-employees, so called officers, are being paid Rs.2,500 -3,500/= per month after the service of 25-30 years. How would the reader feel if he is given Rs. 2,500-3,500/= monthly and asked to live for the whole month in Pakistan? Human Right Watch dogs along with state should have a close look over such issues where basic rights are being snubbed by the “Saiths”.


Layyah, August 23.