ISLAMABAD: Managing Director Pakistan Television (PTV) has informed the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) that the corporation fired 82 employees but didn’t register an FIR against them.

A meeting of the PAC held with Convener Sardar Ashiq Hussain Gopang in the chair directed to register FIRs against the 82 fake degree holders and submit a report within 60 days.

MD Muhammad Malick told the committee that he had ordered an audit of the last five years, adding that the corporation again started earning money after coming out of a debt of two billion rupees. In light of the report of the Auditor General of Pakistan, MD PTV said he receives calls for backdoor job seekers but he neglects it.

He also informed the committee that on the eve of every Eid, the corporation pays Rs 4000 to employees from grade 1 to 9. Replying to a query about registration of FIR against fake degree holders, Muhammad Malick said the corporation would have to bear the extra burden in the head of fees of lawyers as they wouldn’t recover money from them.

Meanwhile, the Auditor General of Pakistan told the committee that DG Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) hired 17 employees on contract who retired back in 1999. It is vital to mention here that Prime Minister has the power to rehire employees after completion of their services but the DG using the powers of premier is against the law.

Prime Minister Secretariat has asked the corporation to recover 4.259 million from those contract employees who were hired against the rules and regulations.

DG PBC informed the committee that the corporation has a capacity of 4330 employees of which 2875 are working with a shortage of 1455 people. He further said the PBC had taken a test of 10, 000 employees of which only 300 cleared the test and they would be called for an interview. He assured the committee that hiring will be made on merit.

The committee urged the government to release actual funds for PTV and PBC. Sheikh Rohail Asghar informed the committee that Pakistan Monument hired 350 employees against the rules and regulations and he can give proof in this regard.