ISLAMABAD - Like other parts of the country, the golden jubilee of Defence Day of Pakistan was observed with national zeal and fever in the twin cities.

The people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad were enthralled to witness an impressive air show by the fighters of Pakistan Air Force. A large number of the citizens come out of their houses and rushed towrads the rooftops of the buildings to witness the air shows of the brave pilots and paratroopers of the Pakistan Army Special Services Group.

The F-9 (Fatima Jinnah Park) which was the main place for September 6 event, also attracted a big crowd including women, children and people belonging to all walks of life to cheer their valiant troops.

Most of the women and children were holding the small flags showing their solidarity with Pakistan Army and expressing patriotism with the martyrs and motherland.

Citizens on the occasion paid tributes to martyrs and reiterated commitment to defend the motherland against any threats.

A large number of women from different walks of life witnessed air show with the spirit to render any service for the security of the country. Talking to APP they said women are now part of Army, Air Force and Navy on front line which has given courage, boosted morale of common women to play a major role for the country.

Prof Dr Samina, a local, said Pakistan is now in a strong position and if enemy dared cast a evil eye, Army and the entire nation are united to give strong response. She lauded the scarifies had rendered by armed forces in 1965 war and said the same spirit was still alive among the nation.

Dr Samina also paid glowing tributes to the martyrs who had rendered sacrifices against war on terrorism. According to the TV Channels, the day dawned with 31-gun salute in the Federal Capital and 21-gun salute in provincial capitals.

Asma Hayat, a teacher sharing her remarks said, “Our forces fought fearlessly in 1965 war and today they feel same enthusiasm and vigour among people for their motherland.”

Salma Shahnawaz, a mother of a army nurse said women played a vital role in 1965 war and still they are playing major role in the armed forces and the nation is proud of them. She said participation of women in air force as fighter pilots, army troops and navy contingents have flaunted morale of the nation, adding that the nation is ready to support them in their capacity.

Arifa Zain, a student of National College of Arts said, “The songs of Noor Jahan and other singers infused a spirit of sacrifice among people and we feel same enthusiasm while listening those songs.” She said women would come out of their homes and stand with the nation if any one tried to violate boundaries of the country.

Separately, Pakistan Air Force presented a special aerobatics display over F-9 Park in Islamabad. The display showed fighting aircraft of PAF.

As the fighters of the PAF, with blazing afterburners thundered over the skies of the federal capital, thousands of people, including excited children and elderly, sat on grass or stood under trees, raised slogans of Pakistan Zindabad.

The event was held at the Air Headquarters and witnessed by thousands at the adjoining F-9 Fatima Jinnah Park. The people drove in from Rawalpindi and far-off places to witness the show. The green belts was jam-packed with vehicles, while families on motorbikes, parked along the various service roads around the venue.

The rooftops of the crowded low-cost apartments at Karachi Company, the posh houses of F-10 and F-8 and adjoining areas waved the green and white national flag. Young children wearing badges of national flag shouted excitedly as the F-16 took sharp turns and made quick directional changes overhead. The young ones covered their ears, but waved as the aircraft turned away.

“I want to be a pilot,” said a 4-year old Ali as his young sister a 3-year old Fatima shouted “me too”. The JF-17 and F-16 dispersed a shower of flares as they vertically climbed and received yet another round of applause from the people.

Despite the rain last night, it was all clear skies and was difficult for young Babar to keep his eyes open to track the fast moving aircraft in bright light.

He finally got his dad’s glasses to help him see the aircraft.

Strict security arrangements were made all around the venue, with contingents of quick reaction force of Pakistan Army, manning all roads and intersections.