A teacher is an individual who provides education to the students, a role that is rather formal and ongoing. After one’s parents, it is the teacher who plays a major role in the upbringing of a child, and sometimes, might even become more important than the parents. 

Islam also teaches us to respect our teachers, but unfortunately, non-Muslims follow this teaching more religiously. According to the Global Teacher Status Index, China gives the most respect to its teachers. UK and US occupied a place in the middle of the index, below South Korea, Turkey, Egypt, and Greece. Pakistan did not make the list of 21 countries. 

In Pakistan, the behaviour of the students towards teachers is very insulting. Respect for teachers is absent within the student-body and as well as the government. Hardworking teachers suffer because of the existence of ghost-teachers employed by the government who get paid without attending to their job. The government should initiate a crack-down against these ghost-teachers and develop an environment where this profession gets the respect it deserves. 


Karachi, August 23.