Another day, another Parliamentary session of wasted proceedings. The National Assembly (NA) spent the majority of Defence Day bickering and exchanging insults, while the opposition staged multiple walkouts over the course of the day, making any productive work impossible.

The blame for this commotion however, lies fairly and squarely on the Speaker of the House, Ayaz Sadiq. The Speaker of the House – who is supposed to renounce his party affiliation when taking over office – has always been known to err towards the side of the ruling party, Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N), but it seems that he has taken his partisanship a bit too far. Of the eight references filed with the speaker — four against PM Sharif, two against Imran Khan and one each against Mehmood Khan Achakzai and Jahangir Tareen — only those against the two PTI leaders were forwarded to the ECP for action.

The move is a clear dereliction of duty, and his refusal to give speaking time to the opposition for their protest on the matter exacerbates it. Being the conductor of open debate, it is his job to be impartial, and he deserved every word of the lashings he received. Will the criticism change his partisan attitude? Unlikely.

The Senate at least got some discussion done before it too dissolved into walkouts and protests. The opposition criticised the intelligence agencies for the Quetta attack and demanded answers, but without the government senators and ministers making an appearance it was pointless to continue the debate. A meaningless a rote resolution condemning terrorist attacks was passed and read out, and the business of the house was done.

This is a day in the life of a democracy’s most sacred institute; the Parliament – which in Pakistan only seems fit for to be a forum for insulting opponents and giving fiery speeches, nothing more.