MIRPUR (AJK)-AJK President Sardar Masood Khan Wednesday said that in the last 52 years, the valiant armed forces of Pakistan have become the strongest in the world.

“Because of their strategic, conventional strength and thorough professional grounding of personnel, the armed forces of Pakistan have become guarantors of Pakistan’s security,” the AJK President said while addressing a ceremony hosted in the AJK’s metropolis Muzaffarabad - to mark the Defense Day.

He expressed full solidarity with the families of the martyrs and said that it is the collective responsibility of the entire nation to invest in the future of the martyrs’ families. The President recalled that in 1965, the nation and the armed forces of Pakistan had sent a clear message to India that they would not countenance any misadventure against Pakistan’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity.

Masood said that the people of Azad Kashmir were proud that they liberated one part of Kashmir valley through a heroic war in 1947-48. Today, he said, thousands of soldiers from Azad Kashmir are part of Armed Forces of Pakistan and defending Pakistan on all fronts. He thanked the armed forces of Pakistan for defending the Azad Kashmir territory by safeguarding the LOC round the clock. He also congratulated the armed forces in the recent successes in the operation of Ruddul Fasaad.

He said, “India has launched a four-pronged war against Pakistan. First, Indian occupation forces imposed brutal wars on the thirteen million people of Indian occupied Kashmir. Young men are being massacred; civilians of all ages have been blinded; trumped up charges have been leveled against Hurriyat leaders; women are being dishonored; and demography of the occupied Kashmir was being altered to reduce Muslim majority to minority. ”

“Moreover, India is targeting civilians in LOC, knowing well that Pakistan would not retaliate against civilians. India has started a systematic proxy war in Pakistan to destabilize its cities, regions and institutions. India is engineering, abetting and sponsoring terrorism inside Pakistan,” he said. He added India was employing diplomatic maneuvers to defeat Pakistan on diplomatic front.

The president said that despite all these challenges Pakistan would prevail and emerge as a great nation in the comity of nations. In this context, he welcomed Pakistan’s Foreign Minister’s statement that Pakistan would energetically take up the Kashmir issue at the international forums.

Addressing Indian Prime Minister Modi, the president said India would be held accountable for its atrocities in IOK. “The door for diplomacy and negotiations is still open despite all the excesses. This opportunity must not be lost,” he said. He appealed to the international community to discard double standards and partiality and help Pakistan and people of Kashmir find a democratic and durable solution to the Kashmir dispute in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions.

On the occasion, the president sent a special message to people of IOK, saying that the people of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir salute their courage and sacrifices. He wowed that the pace of the freedom struggle would be accelerated to attain the goal of liberation of IOK.