Where are the slogans showing concern about humanity? Where are the preachers of humanity? Those who are accustomed to say: "Islam is like this, Islam is like that, Muslims did this, Muslims did that..."

Muslims are being brutally killed in Burma. Are they not human? Why are you, leaders of the free world silent now? How can you lead with such a limited scope of humanity? It seems that the slogan of your humanity is hollow and biased.

Had it been an attack on Germany, France, or any state of the United States, the whole world would have gone berserk in condemnation. When Islamic State slaughter innocents and Taliban bomb buildings, the free world comes up with retooled policies to counter the militant groups. With Burma, however, the situation is completely different.

The Muslim community in Burma is being buried and burnt alive. Their body parts are being dismembered by Buddhists and the Burmese army. They are being subjected to the worst kind of torture. Ethnic cleansing is being carried out. And the free world is silent. Shame! Shame! Shame!

The international community should know by now that by directing their entire resources and strengths to combating terrorism only, they have paved the way for extremism and hate to spread. An entire community is being wiped out as the free world watches in silence.

Where is the State Chancellor of Burma, the Nobel laureate who has blamed terrorist for spreading a "huge iceberg of misinformation" about the Rohingya crisis. Simply put, Aung San Suu Kyi does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.