islamabad - The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Adiministration and the Capital Development Authority (CDA) are going to jointly identify the impediments in the enforcement of laws and regulations extended to the federal capital, The Nation has learnt.

According to the sources in the CDA, the decision has been taken in the wake of the Islamabad High Court (IHC)’s judgment in a writ petition “Shahzada Sikandarul Mulk versus CDA”.

The court had directed the concerned authorities to jointly identify the impediments to the enforcement of rules and regulations in the capital limits.

According to the CDA officials, the authorities had observed lack of coordination between the ICT Administration and the CDA as a major impediment to the implementation of regulations in the city.

Dubbing the case of Constitution-1 Avenue as an example of lack of coordination among various state departments, the officials said that had there been coordination, the buyers could have been saved the mental agony they were currently undergoing.

The CDA officials, while talking to The Nation on condition of anonymity said that there were grey areas as far as the domain of both the government departments was concerned, and land-grabbers and other criminals always took advantage of it.

They said that the civic agency would suggest to the ICT Administration that all the land transfer cases of Islamabad should be routed through the CDA so that it could give its input about the ownership, acquisition status, the use and demarcation of  land.

The other step, which the CDA would suggest to the ICT Administration is to link supply of construction material in the acquired zones and the areas where construction is banned, with the approval of the civic body.

The CDA would set up pickets at specified points to check the supply of construction material in the prohibited zones.

“This would help check illegal construction in a specified area,” the official said.

Similarly, he said that the CDA would suggest that the connections for basic utilities in the housing societies should be linked with the approval of the CDA so as to discourage the mushroom growth of illegal housing schemes.

The proposals would be shared with the ICT Administration and a joint mechanism would be evolved to help enforce regulations in the ICT limits, said the official.

It is to mention here that currently land grabbing and illegal construction is rampant in the ICT limits and the developers are looting innocent people in the name of housing projects.