ISLAMABAD - A day after his interview to BBC, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran khan Wednesday lashed out at the media for what he said misleading and distorting reporting about his interview.

Imran Khan in a statement also said that a wrong impression was being given by some media houses as well as journalists while wrongly attributing to his interview that perhaps PTI-led KP government had failed to diver because of its lack of experience in running the government affairs.

In his interview, Imran Khan had conceded that local government system in KP had not been fully made functional because of the opposition from his own provincial lawmakers and the bureaucracy. He had also admitted his party’s lack of experience in running the government affairs in KP and said he was grateful to Almighty Allah that he did not get a chance to form government at the centre after 2013 general elections.

In his Wednesday's statement, Imran Khan condemned in strongest terms "the false reports regarding KP government relating to him." In trenchant remarks, the Chairman PTI censured media houses for misstating and distorting his interview to BBC.

Imran Khan stated that PTI-led government of KP performed impressively and had alleviated poverty to 50 per cent through best strategies. He said that the provincial government’s priority was “poverty alleviation not simply showcasing mega roads' projects. 

Listing the initiatives of Pakistan Tehreek-e -Insaf, which formed a government for the first time, that helped achieve poverty reduction, Imran Khan said that the government's merit-based recruitment, better public schools, reformed health service in government hospitals and health cards for poor helped achieve the target.

Moreover, he credited government's micro-hydel projects in remote areas to provide cheap electricity, the KP’s billion tree tsunami project which provides jobs to locals and a de-politicized police force which has created a secure environment and attracted investment in the province.

“It is the success of a holistic people-centric approach by the PTI government that has led to a reduction of poverty in the province,” Imran Khan stated.

He said that the KP government, despite lack of experience, has performed incredibly well and it is a stellar for other parties ruling for years and he reiterated that neither this false propaganda can come in PTI's way towards "Naya Pakistan" nor it can deter him or his party from their struggle and fight for progress.