rawalpindi - An intelligence agency has observed that local contractors, related to cleanliness work in the city, had hired “assassins” to target the sanitary workers of a foreign company, sources disclosed to The Nation here on Wednesday.

The local mafia does not want any foreign company to operate in Pakistan, therefore, they are using various tactics to terrorise the sanitary workers of the foreign company in order to get the contract of solid waste management, they added. So far, the unidentified assailants had launched two deadly armed attacks on the sanitary workers of Albayrak, a Turkish sanitation company.

During the armed attacks two sanitary workers were killed in June and August 2017, sources said. Cases were registered with Police Station (PS) Sadiqabad on complaints of the heirs of the victims.

However, local police are still clueless about the whereabouts of the criminals involved in the murder and attempted murder cases, sources added. The intelligence agency has also raised objection over the investigation parameters of the local police.

“Christians were not the only target of the assailants rather their prime target was the foreign solid waste management company Albayrak whom they want to oust from Pakistan to grab the multi-billion cleanliness contract with the provincial government,” a senior officer of an intelligence agency told The Nation on condition of anonymity.

He said that he did not see any other motive behind the twin armed attacks on the sanitary workers other than to terrorise them and to disrupt the agreement between the Turkish company and the Punjab government that was inked back in 2014, under which the Turkish company would extend cooperation regarding solid waste management in Rawalpindi and Murree city.

He said the government was also going to extend this project to other cities that were Multan and Faisalabad.

“A comprehensive report in this regard has been sent to the Punjab government seeking necessary security measures for the sanitary workers and to nab the killers involved in the attacks,” he informed The Nation. He said the assailants belonged to other provinces, and they ran back to their hideouts after launching the attack on the sanitary workers.

On the other hand, background interviews with some top police bosses and investigators of Sadiqabad Police Station revealed that police had picked up three suspects from Bhata Naik Alam locality in connection with the murder case of Karamat, but later, they informed the victim’s family that the detainees were not involved in the killing. “Yes, we detained three men and interrogated them in connection with the murder case of Karamt but could not find any clue to establish their involvement in the murder case,” said Station House Officer (SHO) Police Station (PS) Sadiqabad.

He said it was observed during the investigation that Aslam, a supervisor of Albayrak and brother-in-law of the deceased, was the target of two motorcyclists on August 18, 2017, at Data Ganj Baksh Road but the attackers could not recognise him and opened firing at Karamat, Sagheer, and Shehzad assuming one of them as Aslam. Nonetheless, the officer of the intelligence agency disagreed with the findings of SHO and said that Aslam was arrested and sent to jail by the police in the triple murder case and later he was released after the victim’s family resolved the dispute.

“If Aslam was the target of the assailants, then why they killed Karamat, injured Sagheer and ran behind Yasir, the third sanitary worker,” he questioned.

Talking to The Nation, Akram Masih, a brother of Karamat and Asif Masih, father of Ashir Masih alleged that police were not cooperating with them to arrest the killers of their loved ones. They said the police investigators were allegedly twisting the real facts of the case. They said, “We are noble and peaceful people and have no enmity with anyone,” they alleged. They said the government or Albayrak have not compensated them so far. They appealed the Chief Minister, Inspector General of Police and City Police Officer to provide them justice. CPO Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi said that police are investigating the murder cases from all possible angles and would arrest the killers soon. He ruled out the involvement of any terrorist organization in the armed attacks on sanitary workers. No official of Albayrak was available for comments.