WARBURTON-The four-week induction training of newly recruited educators, organised at Govt High School Warburton, has concluded.

According to the school management, 56 Elementary School Educators (ESEs) were trained by four master trainers. Head of training centre Javed Ashraf Shooka devised a comprehensive schedule, covering all the general rules and subject contents.

Master trainers addressed the topics under general rules. They included roles and responsibilities of educators, maintenance of records, leave rules, PPRA rules, early childhood education, school safety plan, 100 percent enrolment and retention, child friendly schools, official communication and the communication skills, co-curricular activities, development of low-cost/ no-cost teaching aids, multi-grade and multi-subject teaching, development of lesson plans, presentation skills, corporal punishment and its alternatives, real-time needs assessment, literacy numeracy drive, utilization of Farogh-e-Taleem fund and non-salary budget etc.

The educators were also taught about integrated Information Communication Technology (ICT) in detail with emphasis on MS Word, Excel, Power Point, books digitalization and e-learn Punjab. On the other hand, subject-based topics were selected from text books of English, Mathematics, Urdu and Science from grade-1 to grade-5. Newly recruited educators presented model lessons on subject topics using general rules of education. Newly recruited educators made an educational trip to tomb of Waris Shah and Hiran Minar Sheikupura during four weeks training. On the concluding day, educators expressed gratitude to their master trainers Zahoor Elahi, Muhammad Shehzad, Tahir Latif and Safdar Ali and head of training centre Javed Ashraf Shooka for focusing on general rules and subject contents. At the end of closing ceremony, Nankana Sahib District Education Authority Chief Executive Officer Iftikhar Hassan Butt appreciated the role of master trainers and interest of trainees. He said that educators were appointed on merit and they should also do their duties on merit. All the educators are highly qualified and had to produce quality students, he added. He distributed merit and commendatory certificates to the educators for brilliant performance.