LAHORE -  Power supply remained suspended for a long duration in majority areas of the city when more than 200 feeders were tripped due to rainstorm on Wednesday.

According to Lesco officials, electricity supply to around 110 feeders was restored while repair work was underway on rest of the 90 feeders. The worst hit areas where citizens faced power breakdowns for more than three consecutive hours included Karishan Nagar, Mozang, Devas Road, Model Town, Gulberg, Ferozepur Road, Ghazi Road, Defence and Ring Road.

The loadshedding duration has been cut drastically in Lahore as the total demand of Lesco dropped to 3,300MW from 4,500MW but citizens continued to face power tripping, fluctuations and low voltage following the rain in city. The majority areas of Lahore had witnessed cut in the loadshedding hours except some power interruptions caused by tripping of various 11kV electricity feeders in the city. The officials said the situation in rural areas was due to certain constraints in the 500kV Sheikhupura grid station leading to disturbance at various 132kV grid stations of Lahore.

The Lesco officials said the heavy rain caused tripping of 200 electricity feeders including 80 in Lahore. All the tripped feeders were energised till 6 pm. However, loadshedding in Lesco areas is being observed on high loss feeders or due to various constraints in the system.