Journalism is one the rarest fields which is considered as image building of a nation-state, and Independent journalism of a state depicts how much independent people are and how much media is trusted. According to 2018 World Press Freedom Index, Pakistan has secured 139th position out of 180th, which is not a good rank at all. Only due to a few reporters and anchors who are seeking to sell themselves for a fraction of money and fame, have brought down Pakistan’s ranking to a dismal position of 139th.

Such is the case of local people of Gorakh Hill station. After the reformation of PPP’s government in Sindh, security of health, lives and jobs of natives of Gorakh Hill Station remains a question mark. Indigenous people have arranged a sit-in, which has been proclaimed to continue until demands of security meet, in the base camp of Gorakh Hill station, Wahi Pandhi. However, this matter is politicised by the media persons cum political persons. Qadir Lashari from Wahi Pandhi, a recently joined practical journalism, was reporting for a local Sindhi Media channel ‘KTN’ of Kawish group in Karachi, but for his cleverness and influence, within a fortnight he became a ‘millionair’ and earned a good reputation, even leaving behind his counterparts. However, after passing many days, some unknown people had complaint about his so much earnings within a very short-time, so he was fired from his reporting job on pretext of investigating the matter. Now, as Qadir Lashari is a political cum media person, he is bent upon black mailing protestors in Wahi Pandhi to culminate the sit-in or otherwise pay him bribe.

I request PEMRA and the concerned authorities and especially ‘Kawish group’ administration to kindly take a sound action against him for his belligerent activities and misusing his position and power against esteemed Public and protestors.


Dadu, August 18.