Political parties and their members seem to have their own ‘fandoms’ like celebrities around the world do. Where their fans advocate for the person or people they obsess over. They even unite against those who make any comments on them, even if it is merely an opinion.

It is true that political leaders play a major role in a country’s development. Without having the right people in the government, the journey towards amelioration can be tougher.

And maybe that is why the general public becomes too possessive about those politicians who they believe are promising.

All the same, it is not to be forgotten that other than politicians, citizens also have their part in this whole political expedition. The weight of the obstacles that a nation faces is to be pushed towards betterment by both, the people and their leader.

And with keeping all of this in front, nothing can be done if we continue to remain as divided as our political parties are. As fractioned as the politicians are. Just as there is rift between political parties themselves, there is friction among their supporters as well.

And it is unfortunate that some people are split up to an extreme level, all of which is quite evident on social media and even in oral discussions, in general.

There was a time, a few years back, when usually it were the talk shows on the television where hot debates used to take place among the party members or analysts. 

But now, with the excessive use of the internet, on daily basis there is this game played on social media where every other person stands tall and charged up on this chaotic platform, always ready to make a move. People label each other with inappropriate terms, verbally abuse one another and get into unnecessary discourse.

All this creation of negativity is out of sheer hatred, intolerance towards an individual’s opinion and chiefly because of their blind support for a political party or one specific politician.

Such orientation of our general public does not make them any different from the ungracious politicians who often refer the adversaries with disrespectful epithets.

During the campaign for the General Elections 2018, many prominent politicians made misogynist, extremely insulting and inappropriate remarks regarding their opponents as well as their supporters. And the same use of language, the same attitude, trickled down among many staunch followers who then used it against others and this vicious cycle continued.

There were also incidents of animal abuse where animals were physically tortured just for the sake of political rivalry, to give out “a message” to the opposing party.

This was a low point in this political pandemonium.

It is lamentable that not only the “illiterate” part of the population crosses the limit of civility in speech and action but it is our so-called “elite” and the educated class as well, including our young students and professionally qualified adults.

Rather than respectfully talking things out, people attack one another for only expressing a view, a perspective, which is the basic right of every individual.

In the end, all this abusive commentary is pointless. All the long, fiery debates are absurd. They are nothing but creating further divisions among the people, making social media a bedlam and the society more dogmatic.

Basic ethical and moral boundaries are crossed just for the ‘love’ or support for a political party or any of its member. And it never makes a difference in our political scenario other than making it look uglier.

Even if we believe that it is necessary to educate the ignorant, acting explosive and blinkered in its solution is not the right way to go about it. Rather than wasting our time and energy on baseless arguments we should learn to listen and talk with forbearance and mannerliness in order to edify. Over and above, we should go out and make the amends that we long for. We need to put in work in order to achieve an outcome, not engage in constant conflicts and irrationally glorify the politicians for the sake of defending them.