LAHORE - Three traders thwarted a robbery attempt as they fought back and killed an armed bandit in Sundar police precincts on early Thursday. The body was moved to the morgue for autopsy.

The incident took place in the main bazaar Ali Sarfrazabad when two gunmen tried to rob three traders. The injured robber was rushed to hospital but in the way, police said.

According to SP Saddar police division, three traders including Maqbool, Shahzad, and Arshad had just left their mobile phone shops when two gunmen riding on a motorcycle stopped them. The bandits held up the traders at gunpoint and demanded cash and mobile phone. The traders offered resistance and managed to capture one of the bandits when the other opened fire on them. 

“Luckily, the traders remained unhurt and one of the bandits received bullets in the head, leg, and abdomen,” SP Maaz Zafar said. The officer claimed that the bandit, not identified yet, received multiple bullets wounds after his accomplice opened fire in frustration. The shooter however managed to escape from the scene.  The police were investigating the incident.