From the recent percentage of water of Pakistan we can predict that Pakistan would be a dry land in 2025. The water saving of Pakistan is 11 percent, but the saved water of other countries can exceed from 40 percent. Pakistan suffers from fresh water shortage is all because it lacks dams and reservoirs. According to the reports of experts, during the monsoon season, 140 million acre feet water will come in rivers across the country, where 36 percent will be saved, and the 64 percent will be wasted due to lack of facilities. Karachi, Gawader, Pajgure and Dasht are cities of Pakistan, which are suffering from a major water crisis, this problem is taking place in Pakistan because it lacks filtration plants, if it has then these don’t work. Pakistani government doesn’t focus on health, even the health authorities don’t do.

So, the government and the health authorities should concern on this issue and eradicate it as soon as possible.