ISLAMABAD   -   The federal government has yet not summoned a meeting of Council of Common Interests (CCI), a constitutional obligation, even after passing around seven months.

The meeting of CCI, according to the rules and regulations, should be called after a time period of three months. The federal government, over two months ago, had cancelled its scheduled meeting without sharing any reason.

The opposition parties have strongly criticized the federal government for not holding important meeting to resolve issues among provinces.

The smaller provinces including Balochistan and Sindh have already given its nod over the agenda of the CCI meeting.

It is worth to mention here that the provinces had taken a couple of months to agree on a unanimous agenda for the CCI meeting.

Now they have given their consent to the agenda for the CCI meeting.

Sources said that the upcoming meeting will discuss the matter regarding distribution of water among the provinces and other unresolved matters among the provinces. The upcoming meeting under the chairmanship of prime minister will also review percentage of implementation of previous issues settled in the last meeting.