Education plays an important role for the development of a country. It is obligatory for every individual of country whether Women or men. Because an educated nation can rise to the height of glory and bring improvements in shape of every thing like politically, economically and many more. Those nations who have gotten succeed when they new the real purpose of education and today they are rulling in all over the world like America, China, British, Germany and some more advanced nation. But unfortunately, when we see the miserable conditions of education system of Pakistan that is facing multiple challenges in term of trained teachers, lack of basic facilities and many more. According to the research the literacy rate of country is 60 percent that is too much low when it is considered into neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, China and India. Without education it is tough for a nation to step forward towards the development because today’s competitive world each and everything is depended on education. If a nation is uneducated, it means it is blind and does not have purpose and goals. According to a report in Pakistan is one of the those countries that has been failed to provide primary education to all children. 25 million children are out of schools and working in different places. It is the responsibility of concerned authorities to bring improvements in weak areas of educational institutions and implement new laws for the betterment of education in Pakistan.