SHARAQPUR-Five children were mauled by a pack of stray dogs and two of them sustained critical injuries here the other day.

According to residents of different areas of Sharaqpur, the number of stray dogs, roaming almost every street, has rose alarmingly and some of the dogs are even infected by rabies.

According health department sources, over the past three days, five children, belonging to different areas of Sharaqpur, have been mauled by pack of stray dogs.

One of the injured children namely Afraham Sarjeel was critically injured by stray dogs while two children - Sahil Hassan and Hassan Ali were also bitten by dogs and two persons - Ahmad Aftab and Saim Aslam also become victim of the stray dogs bite.

Parents of the effected children said that their children are not safe as packs of stray dogs roam every area although they have submitted complaint to the Municipal Committee to cull the stray dogs. However, no action could be taken so far, they regretted.

When contacted the management of the THQ Hospital to leanr about availability of the rabies vaccination, the hospital administration denied having rabies vaccination, saying that patients would have to purchase the vaccine from the market.

The public at large regretted the negligence of the local health authorities to ensure availability of such an important vaccaine in the hospital. They demanded the Punjab chief minister and that the health minister to take notice of the negligence of the health authorities and make available rabies vaccine in the THQ hospital and other healthcare outlets of Sharaqpur Tehsil.