Nine Indian opposition parties fearing that some grave is a foot in India-held Jammu and Kashmir came together in a protest here on Thursday demanding the immediate release of political leaders detained in the restive region. We must recognize that this is no democracy. If we fail to understand this then we are living in a fool’s paradise. Former J and K chief minister and leader of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad said ‘something grave happening in Jammu and Kashmir and government is trying to hide it and the media is not allowed to telecast the truth’. He said at the meeting attended by major opposition parties. On the other hand, taking to twitter Khamenei said, We are concerned about Muslims, situation in Kashmir. We have good relation with India but we expected the Indian government to adopt a just policy towards the noble people of Kashmir and prevent the oppression and bullying of Muslims in this region. He also blamed UK for the disputes between India and Pakistan. Saying the British intentionally left this wound in that region in order to sustain conflict in Kashmir. Thus, Jammu and Kashmir is burning internal and destroyed completely.