QUETTA - Balochistan Chief Minister (CM) Jam Kamal Khan Alyani on Sunday said that armed force of Pakistan had always rendered matchless sacrifices for the defence of the country. 

“6th September 1965 was an important day in the history of Pakistan when our gallant forces defeated ten times bigger Army of India with their firm resolve,” he said on the eve of Defence Day. 

“We have never forgotten our heroes who laid down their lives for protecting their motherland Pakistan,” CM said adding that nations forgot their martyrs could never succeed. 

CM Alyani said that “we must apprise our children of the battle story of our armed forces who fought with coward enemy defeating them on all fronts in year 1965. “Enemy of Pakistan who sneaked into this side of border in the darkness faced humiliating defeat,” he added. 

Jam Kamal Khan noted that our armed forces, despite less in number and having less war equipment, took up the glove and made the history by showing great piece of bravery, audacity and gallantry against well-prepared enemy India. 

He stressed the need for reviewing old mistakes that hampered the progress of the country as saying “we have to ponder what we have lost since independence and find opportunities to play our pivotal role for rebuilding invisible and unshakable building of Pakistan.” 

Vowing to follow the footprints of the martyrs of Pakistan, CM Alyani said that we, the Pakistanis irrespective of our political affiliations, cast and creed were intact and united as sacrifices rendered by the martyrs for united and strong Pakistan would not go in to vein.