ISLAMABAD   -    CDA Administration is committed to transform Park Enclave into model, modern, dynamic and futuristic housing project in the capital city. For this purpose the incumbent CDA Administration brought this long neglected project out of back burner, concentrated on its development, allocated funds, monitored development and ensured its availability for its allottees within one year. Development work in Phase I of Park Enclave is almost complete while development work in Phase II is about to start. Going further ahead, CDA has invited applications for allotment of plots in just launched phase III of Park Enclave. CDA will receive applications from public till 17th of September while balloting will be held on 24th of September.

As another demonstration of its commitment for development of Park Enclave , Capital Development Authority has approved Rs.96 million for provision of gas network in Park Enclave-I. 

The payment is likely to be made to SNGPL in couple of days and after that SNGPL will start work on the provision of Sui-gas in the Park Enclave -I.

Under this project, SNGPL will establish external gas conduction network as well as door to door internal gas conduction network. For this purpose, SNGPL will lay 800 meters long gas pipeline of ten inches diameter and 700 meters long gas pipeline of eight inches diameter for external conduction network. 18900 meters long gas pipe of diameter six inches, 2530 long gas pipe of diameter four inches, 9270 meter long gas pipe of diameter two inches and 5600 meter long gas  pipe of diameter 1-1/4 inches will be laid for door to door and internal conduction of gas within the project.