ISLAMABAD - A “PPP/PTI cooperation in earnest can do wonders to lift Karachi,” said President Dr. Arif Alvi in a tweet on Sunday, day after Prime Minister Imran Khan an­nounced Rs.1100 billion, three-year development plan for the port city.

“PPP/PTI cooperation in earnest can do wonders to lift my city out of misery. Now our test will be in im­plementation. We must understand that it is the peo­ple who matter,” the President said referring to the joint contribution to be made by both federal and pro­vincial governments in the historic package under Ka­rachi Transformation Plan. He said rains had devas­tated Karachi, which was the biggest tax payer of the country. “Reviving its economy rests on its infrastruc­ture, its roads, water supply, rain drains & sewage.”

The president further noted that better solid waste handling and modernization of transport, through Karachi Central Railway (KCR) & Bus Rapid Transit systems (BRTs) had been crying out for attention.

According to details, the Rs1113 billion mega de­velopment package for Karachi under Karachi Trans­formation Plan included water supply projects of Rs.92 billion, sewage treatment Rs.141 billion, sol­id waste management, storm water drains clearance and resettlement Rs.267 billion, roads Rs.41 billion, and mass transit, rail and road transport Rs.572 bil­lion. On Saturday, Prime Minister Imran Khan un­veiled in Karachi a massive Rs1100 billion three-year development plan for the city.