LAHORE - The Lahore Arts  Council (LAC) celebrated Defense Day with full zeal and enthusiasm here on Sunday, at Alhamra Art Centre The Mall.  The celebrations at Alhamra started with prayers for national security and the country’s prosperity. In connection with Defense Day Alhamra released a patriotic song. On the occasion Executive Director, Alhamra Saman Rai said that the song composed with traditional instruments, the lyrics composed with patriotism, the song released to pay tribute to Pak Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air force because Defense Day is a golden chapter in the history of Pakistan.  Rai further said that the song got much appreciation from different walks of life.  The country needed the spirit of September 6 once again, and the entire nation should work united for the prosperity of the country, she added. Executive Director Alhamra Saman Rai and Director Alhamra Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi in their speeches salute the martyrs of September 06. At the musical celebration, the youth participated in large numbers to pay tribute to the Pak Army and also to raise their voice for rights of innocent Kashmiris and also paid tribute to the martyrs of Pakistan. Famous singers Abdul Rauf, Fazal Jutt, Sajjad Tafu and other artists performed in the programme.