There can be no poverty alleviation or sustainable growth unless the leadership in our country is fully and wholeheartedly committed to initiating and completing all developmental projects for the greater good, not personal glorification. Nothing can be achieved with half-hearted efforts and a lack of support from the public. 

Many developmental projects launched by the governments in the past are lying incomplete. Notable among these are mega projects related to dams, mass transit, water drainage, and other infrastructure initiatives. Unless projects are well thought out, planned, and discussed with all stakeholders including the opposition, half-baked rollout of megaprojects that never see the light of the day is nothing but a waste of taxpayers’ money. 

Unfortunately, governments, one after the other announce very ambitious but poorly planned and thought out plans to strengthen the economy but end up ruining it further leading to further escalation of poverty and misery for people. The solution is to forge unity among masses not disintegrating them further along ethnic, religious, or political lines. When people stand united and masses support initiatives of the governments, they are likely to be successful rather than becoming political punching bags like the Kalabagh dam or the Sandak minerals project. 

Our leadership must work on uniting people. For that, they must first all stand united on issues of national interest. They should then convince their followers to support projects of national interest so that we can build a strong infrastructure, which would strengthen the economy and free us from the claws of international lending bodies.