LAHORE - Punjab Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar has said that the future of Pakistan is bright under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s leadership as foreign investors are taking interest in bringing investment to the country.

Speaking as the chief guest at the launching ceremony of Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad’s book, ‘Laal Haveli Se Aqwam-e-Muttehida Tak’, at a local hotel here on Sunday, he said that all institutions were working hard for progress of the country.

He said that Sh Rashid was the voice of  the poor, and the poor class of the country was honest and loyal to the country, adding that love of the deprived class for the homeland was exemplary.

The Governor also paid tribute to the Pakistani forces, especially martyrs of the forces and civilians, who sacrifices their lives for protection, security and defence of the nation.

“Forty years ago, Sh Rashid predicted that I (Ch Mohammad Sarwar) will join the national politics one day, and now I am in politics,” the Governor said while appreciating the foreseeing capability of the writer.

He also lauded the content of Sh Rashid Ahmad’s book and said that everyone should read it.

Earlier, the Railways Minister thanked all speakers and participants in the ceremony for joining the book launching.

He said that Pakistan was progressing under the leadership of the Prime Minister, adding that no one among the current cabinet was after the ministry.

“I am not hungry for any ministry as I remained minister of 14 ministries,” he added.

He also acknowledged the role of Pakistan Army in the progress of the country and said that Pak Army was a great army which should be appreciated for its services for the nation as its soldiers always rescued the nation from crises.

“No matter it’s floods, clashes, terrorism, riots in Karachi or tension at borders, Pakistan Army always arrives on time for action,” he added.

Paying homage to the sacrifices of the soldiers of Pakistani forces, he said their sacrifices could never be forgotten.

“I decided to launch my book on Sept 6 for two reasons. The first one, it is the Defence Day and the second reason is that it is the death anniversary of my mother,” he said.

He said he was not poor but it was clear that he was the voice of the poor. Later, Sh Rashid  presented his book to the Punjab Governor. 

PTI’s Senator Walid Iqbal, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Shahbaz Gill, Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat, Punjab Minister for Housing Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed and others spoke on the occasion. 

A number of politicians, MNAs, MPAs, members of the civil society and journalists including Nazir Chohan, Mohsin Leghari, Sara Ahmad, Neelum Hayat, Liaqat Baloch and others attended the ceremony.