Firstly, this world knows about Karbala and Hazrat Imam Hussain RA that how did he sacrifice his innocent family’s lives even each and everything with his companions only for the sake of Islam in the worsened state of intense thrust and hunger etc. Imam Hussain RA stood firmly in front of Yazeed, his evil practices and wrongdoings. Imam said, “even I sacrifice my life, family and everything of fact and highness of Islam which has been preached by my grandfather 

Hazrat Muhammad PBUH.”

Famous English writer Charles Dickens said that Hussain fought and sacrifice purely for the sake of Islam. Being a Muslim homeland, our country is not highlighting this plaintive incident as it might be. So that government may pay attention and add this in the syllabus from class three to high level as the young generation can understand the great sacrifice and message of Imam Hussain RA.