BAJAUR - The tribal people of Bajaur district on Sunday com­memorated the Defence Day of Pakistan with nation­al fervour and zeal and carried out a big rally.

The enthusiastic youth prepared a special 2500 meters long national flag which was being carried by participants of the rally. MNA Gul Zafar Khan of PTI led the rally organized by PTI Bajaur chapter.

The participants of the rally paid tribute to those who embraced martyrdom on September 6, 1965 and forced the much bigger enemy to retrieve.

They expressed their resolve to lay down their lives for the sake of motherland and assured full support to the Armed Forces of Pakistan against nefarious de­signs of the enemy. Addressing the rally, MNA Gul Za­far Khan said that Armed Forces of Pakistan inflicted huge losses to Indian army and repulsed the massive assault by the enemy forces on September 6, 1965.