ISLAMABAD (APP) - About 2,76,000 tons wheat has been procured in the Sindh Province during current wheat procurement campaign to achieve the set target of 6.5 million to meet the domestic requirements. An official in the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (Minfa) told APP here that this year about 25 million tons bumper crop of wheat is expected against the domestic consumption of over 22m tons. He said due to timely announcement of procurement price, the government has received a good response from the growers. He noted with satisfaction that 2,76000 tons wheat has been procured till today as compared to 2000 tons wheat during same period last year. He said that the campaign was stared on March 15 and about 240 procurement centres were established in Sindh province to facilitate the growers to sell their output on official fixed rates of Rs.950 per 40 kg. The Official further said that government was fully determined to enhance food security in the country by providing the growers maximum benefit of their output. In Punjab, wheat procurement campaign may be delayed due to recent rains and moisture but it is expected to start by April 15, the official informed. He said this year the circle of wheat procurement was extended to other provinces like NWFP and Balochistan. In NWFP, government has set the target to procure about 1,50,000 tons of wheat to boost up the domestic reserves in the country as well as to encourage farmers to grow more wheat for the country, he added. He said that 22 procurement centres have been established in Balochistan to procure about 50,000 tons wheat for fulfilling the target of 6.5m tons wheat.