BAGHDAD (AFP) - A baby miraculously survived a Baghdad car bombing cradled in his mothers lap as she was burned alive in a blast that claimed the lives of eight people on Tuesday, witnesses said. The baby boys father was also seriously wounded in the attack not far from a shrine in the Kadhimiyah neighbourhood of northern Baghdad, police and witnesses said. The bombing came on the heels of six car bomb blasts that killed 34 people in Baghdad on Monday, rocking the capitals fragile peace in what the US military said appeared to be coordinated Al-Qaeda attacks. Eight people were killed and another 20 were wounded in Tuesdays blast. The baby, aged about six months, and his parents were in a car stuck in traffic on Nuwab Street, a crowded commercial road that leads to the shrine of Kadhimiyah when the bomb went off around midday. We managed to take him out of the car, he had bruises and was covered with his mothers blood, said Sadiq al-Maliki, a 36-year-old mechanic who helped some of the victims, adding that the mother was definitely dead. We also put out the fire burning his fathers clothes and he was taken to the hospital. A policeman told AFP the father had suffered serious burns and was in critical condition. Raad Sabeeh Razal, who was standing on the street after the explosion, was handed the baby by police and asked to take care of him. The baby was crying, my wife fed him, and he is in a good condition. He is now smiling and does not seemed to be shocked, he told AFP in his home located on an alley near the blast site. The police dont know his fathers name, or their relatives, because all their identity cards were burned, he said as he held the smiling child. I will take care of him until we find out who his family. He is a victim. Cars around the blast zone were set ablaze but damaged to neighbouring store fronts was limited.