LAHORE - The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday directed provincial law officer to seek clear directions from the Speaker Punjab Assembly about sending a disqualification reference against PML-Q defected MPA Saba Sadiq to the Chief Election Commissioner and apprise the court on April 13. The court passed this order after petitioners counsel Fawad Chaudhry told the court that Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Khan has written a letter to PML-Q, Punjab, secretary general that speaker is pondering on the matter in the light of LHCs earlier order. He pointed out that the language of the letter is ambiguous, as no clear-cut indications have been given about sending the reference to competent authority. Chaudhry Zaheerud Din is of the view that Speaker and the Deputy Speaker are not referring a declaration of defection against MPA Saba Sadiq to the ECP despite the courts directions. He prayed to the court to direct the PA Speaker to refer the declaration of defection against Saba Sadiq to the ECP within two days as stipulated under Article 63-A of the Constitution. It was also prayed that the ECP be directed to entertain the declaration of defection against Saba Sadiq and to proceed with the matter in accordance with law. The counsel submitted that the petitioner had sent a reference to the Speaker to forward the same to the CEC for the disqualification of MPA Saba Sadiq for defecting from her party. But the Speaker did not refer the disqualification reference to the election commission despite the courts directions. The Speaker and the Deputy Speaker became hurdles in the way of implementation of the provision of Article 63-A, the counsel argued, adding that the act of respondents not only amounted to safeguarding the defected members but it also encouraged the floor-crossing in Punjab. He submitted that the Speaker was bound to send the reference to the ECP, which had to take a decision after holding judicial proceedings. He said the Speaker had to forward the reference to the ECP, as he had no authority to decide the legality or merit of the reference. Pleas of pesticide retailers dismissed The Federal Shariat Court has dismissed the petitions of pesticide retailers observing that to punish seller of adulterated pesticide is not un-Islamic and they should be curbed with iron hands. Abdul Latif and others have approached the court on the ground that they purchased sealed pesticide from different companies and sold out in the same conditions. They said if these are found adulterated the responsibility should be fixed on the companies but the police have started arresting them which is not permitted under the Islamic law. They prayed to the court to declare police action illegal and un-Islamic. The court remarked the persons who possessed these pesticides were responsible and liable to punishment.