The new Pak-Afghan policy announced by President Obama expects to close the chapter of the militants in Pakistan through negotiations but mainly through the use of force. Pakistan is assigned the responsibility of doing more in this context. The task has to be performed with speed to justify the amount to be paid for the purpose. The implication is that if Pakistan fails to act the Americans will undertake the task to dismantle the militants. So, there is likely to be direct or indirect approach to win the War on Terror. Obama's new Afghan strategy is expected to rely on more US troops, expanding Kabul's security forces, stepping up civilian aid efforts, diplomatic push focused on Pakistan's role and wooing 'moderate insurgents'. You cannot call somebody moderate and insurgent at the same time, can you? It is not a valid conclusion that the policy of surge will work in Afghanistan and in Pakistan as it did in Iraq. However, the complexity of the situation in Afghanistan is mainly because of the US based Karzai's government in Kabul has practically no hold over most parts of Afghanistan. It is not understandable how the managers of the War are qualified to address the unique problems of Afghanistan that centre around extreme poverty, anarchy, lack of systems of any sort to take care of the menace of narcotic traffickers, corruption, smuggling of goods and humans along with precarious law and order situation due mainly to the ever increasing number of warlords. A saner approach and workable policy change is needed for a way forward. Obama's Administration needs to negotiate with those who could influence the situation in Afghanistan based on needs of the Afghan people and to resolve the issues that hold the key to the problems of extremism and militancy. Political rather than military solution is the answer to what is happening in Afghanistan and its serious negative impact on politics and economy of Pakistan. However, it would be in the interest of the US if Obama rethinks about the dangerous consequences of the policy of increased military activates in Afghanistan and Pakistan, particularly, contemplated drones attacks in Balochistan. Instead the US administration should focus on negotiations for peace through 'Talibans' who can influence the process of getting rid of insurgency. For the sake of peace the world community should exert pressure on the US administration to promote peace in the region. People expect that Obama will bring a healthy 'change' through policies, which follow alternate strategies, and not the one that caused destruction under Bush. Military operation was not the only option to deal with the militants. Think of peace through dialogue and an alternate strategy to fix terrorism. The writer is a former director of the National Institute of Public Administration, Pakistan. E-mail: