US President Barack Obama has told the Turkish Parliament that the USA is not at war with Islam. Mere statements, even if they come from the US President, will not prove this. This is one case where actions speak louder than words, and the War on Terror, to which President Obama is clearly dedicated, is seen as a war on Islam for glaringly simple reasons. The perpetrators of 9/11 were mainly Saudis, but also all of the perpetrators were Muslim. The Muslim world was already upset with the Americans, because of their steadfast and relatively generous support to the Zionist entity, as a result of which they had successfully continued the occupation of Palestine despite the UN Resolutions against this. The Obama Administration has shown no sign that it will amend this policy, and President Obama's remarks to the Turkish Parliament also made this clear. Also, the USA has chosen, by backing India in its occupation of Kashmir, to back another occupation of a Muslim land by a non-Muslim power. However, these are old US policies, to violate the mandate of the UN so long as Muslim lands are occupied. What the War on Terror has brought has been the American occupations of First Afghanistan, then Iraq, and the installing of US puppets in place to pretend to be governments, even though the real power resides with the respective US Ambassadors. The USA only enjoys good relations with Muslim governments if they are completely obedient to US wishes, and to that extent, the Obama Administration is no different from its predecessor, which started the chain of occupations, and firmed up the backing to other occupations, in the first place. President Obama would be mistaken if he thought that simple statements in speeches to complaisant audiences would be enough. Until the USA does not end both its own occupations of parts of the Muslim world, as well as reverse its backing for occupations of Muslim lands, it should not expect Muslims to believe that the USA is not at war with them.