My heartiest congratulations to all those who took part in the successful operation against terrorists at the Manawan Police Training School, Lahore. My deepest condolences to families of all the young recruits who embraced martyrdom here. I have some observations to make on the incident; 1. Crowd control was lacking thereby hindering the operation as well as emergency services. This, mind you, also placed the onlookers in danger and could have resulted in more casualties. 2. Ariel firing by the victorious police personnel was a show of complete indiscipline. Apparently these people do not realise that a bullet, once it leaves the barrel, has to land somewhere. 3. Destruction of evidence by infiltration of the crime scene was deplorable. I wondered how many police forensic personnel were required to scour the area. Apparently everyone and their uncles were roaming the compound. How much evidence was destroyed wittingly or unwittingly, we don't know. There should be more control in future. 4. Live coverage of operational units may give advance warning to holed-up terrorists. They are becoming extremely bold and sophisticated in communication. 5. Establishment of SWAT (Special Weapons Anti Terrorist) teams for quick reaction should be undertaken on the lines of Rescue 1122 (they have a 7 minutes response time). 6. Visits by VIPs to emergency wards of dedicated hospitals should be stopped. Most of the politicians make a beeline to the wounded for photo ops and hinder treatment of the injured. 7. Too many cooks spoil the broth. In any such incident there is a rush by all the bigwigs to reach the site of action and take charge. This should be avoided. The person responsible should establish his command post and all should route through him. 8. Finally, I think it is time Governor Salman Taseer and Advisor on Interior Mr. Rehman Malik should quit. The war against terror is beyond them. -MAHMOOD LATIF MALIK, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, March 31.