UNITED NATIONS - A top-level global conference will take place here in the first week of June to deliberate on the crisis that has devastated the world economy, UN General Assembly President Miguel dEscoto Brockmann announced Tuesday. We now have the opportunity and the responsibility to search for solutions that take into account the interests of allnations, the rich and the poor, the large and the small," the president said after the 192-member assembly adopted a resolution by consensus Tuesday on modalities for the summit-level June conference from June 1 to 3. "This is the mission of the G-192 [all UN Member States] amongst the international processes searching for solutions, he added. The summit follows last week's conference of G-20 leaders in London of advanced countries that decided to pump at least $1 trillion into the global economy in an effort to stimulate recovery from a worldwide downturn. "That decision will be discussed at the New York Summit," a spokesman for the General Assembly president told reports. President dEscoto has visited and plans to visit a number of countries to build support for participation at the Head-of-State level. The Group of 77 countries and China have already pledged full participation. The United Nations Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development was mandated in December by world leaders at the Financing for Development review, in Doha, Qatar. The Conference will address the impact of the crisis on development as well as the ongoing international discussion on reforming and strengthening the international financial and economic system and architecture. President dEscoto said he expects to circulate a draft outcome text for negotiation early in May. A Commission of Experts appointed by President dEscoto and chaired by Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, an economic expert, is providing recommendations on international financial structures and practices as part of broad-based inputs into the preparations for the Conference. The next major venue for discussion at the United Nations of the economic crisis and financial system reform, and the implication for living standards worldwide, comes on 27 April, when the Economic and Social Council hosts executive board members from the Bretton Woods institutions (the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank)together with the Director General of the World Trade Organisation and the Secretary General of UNCTAD. The ECOSOC meeting is expected to provide inputs into the preparatory process for the June meeting.