Quaid's dream of exploiting the immense natural resources of the country to the best possible benefit of the people did not come true. That is why our youth has been beset by large-scale unemployment through out the history of our country. Unemployment is caused as much by the lack of education as by the lack of available jobs. High unemployment amongst our youth is directly related to lack of education, training and skills. Minimum wage jobs may be easy to find but they do not provide sustenance, especially if one is to support a family. High-paid jobs in today's market require a higher level of education and skills. The employment prospects for those young people would continue to decline who enter the labour market without any extra training or post-secondary education. Companies hire skilled and experienced workers and often employ unskilled for only short periods, if at all, shedding workers with less experience as soon as they can. In most cases, they are the youth. The government needs to worry about the high rate of youth unemployment since they are the future of this country. -MAHA SABIR, Karachi, via e-mail, March 29.