IT is most disconcerting to know that according to intelligence reports, the group of militants involved in blowing up of girls schools in Swat are now planning to launch attacks on English-medium schools in the country's urban centres. These militants pose a serious threat to the fabric of our society and must be reined in by law enforcement agencies. They have gone to great lengths killing innocent civilians, a large number of them in the course of time. True to their philosophy they have spared no one. It is high time, the Interior Ministry put its act together for up until now its performance has been far from satisfactory. The spate of attacks in cities like Lahore and Islamabad and as the recent attack in Chakwal shows, terrorist have the ability to strike anywhere at will. While Adviser to the Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik does quite a job skilfully elaborating details of the terrorists and their movements to the media persons, he fails in stopping them from carrying out attacks. The government should plan a solid strategy to tackle what has turned out to be the most serious problem confronting the nation today.