ISLAMABAD - American policies are not of a friend but of a foe and Richard Holbrooke and Mike Mullen are in Pakistan to put a price on our loyalty to our religion and the Islamic State of Pakistan but we are not a saleable commodity. Federal Minister for Science & Technology Azam Khan Swati while commenting on the recent visit of the American military and political leadership to Pakistan said this on Tuesday. According to a press release issued here, Swati said that Natos presence in the region was a great threat to the very existence of Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and Iran as well. American policies aim to dismantle Pakistan, neutralise Iran and contain China to make India a regional superpower to achieve her objectives, he added. He said Obamas administration was following the conspiracy hatched by George W Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield and would lead America towards destruction. He added the US policy aimed to destroy Pak Armed Forces, marginalise state-of-the-art security agency, ISI, and ruin Pakistan. To achieve its objectives, Americans are spreading hatred in the mind and heart of the people of world by portraying Islamists as cruel, inhuman and threat to humanity, and are trying to divide Pakistani nation on religious basis, the Minister said. He added that the people of Pakistan would foil their nefarious designs, as the people of NWFP and Fata were peace-loving and practical Muslims and would never succumb to the pressure of foreign forces. Lets not sell our country and destroy ourselves for $ 10 billion or any other amount because peace in country is priceless, suggested the Minister. He said it was a matter of concern for each and every Pakistani to figure out the price of peace that the country had lost in Swat, Malakand and Fata. Monitoring Desk adds: The Federal Minister, when contacted by BBC for the confirmation of the statement, maintaind that he had issud the statement as a call of his innerself. Criticising the US and President Obama, the minister said that Obamas policy was a continuation of the policy of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, and President Obama had learnt no lesson from the history. He also said that India and Nato forces were giving assistance to so-called Taliban through Indian consulates so that they might bring bad name to Islam and Pakistan army. He suggested that Pakistan should refuse US aid as 'this is meant for destruction of Pakistan. Swati declared ISI the jugular vein of Pakistan, adding that the US, Nato and India want to destroy this agency. When he was reminded that President Zardari, Prime Minister Gilani and other high-ups, in their meetings with Halbrooke and Mullen, were declaring the war on terror as war of survival of Pakistan and on that ground they were appealing the world for help, Swati said that it was no doubt a war for our existence, but the policy that the US was introducing, was not that of a friend, rather it was of a foe.